Keep Things Classy With This Scratch Map

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Traveling and losing yourself in another culture is a truly magical experience, you not only learn so much about the place and the people but you also learn new things about yourself. The actual traveling is one part of the whole globetrotting package, planning is the first step and it ends in scratching off the places on your travel maps. The huge popularity of scratch maps has made it an almost essential part of the entire experience with most of the avid travellers remarking it gives them a sense of closure on that particular trip and serves as a fun way to recall all the memories. For those travel enthusiasts who are want to display their traveling history in a stylish manner without coming off as a show off, Scratch Map Deluxe is the ultimate scratch map.

Scratch Map Deluxe For Those Looking For A Timeless Travel Map: Scratch maps are flooding the market with some crazy maps with the most outrageous design to more classier options. For the travellers who are looking to add a touch of class yet keep things simple, Scratch Map Deluxe is the perfect travel map. It can be easily framed in an A1 size frame, as it is a world map poster of around 82.5 x 59.4cm dimensions.

  • Black & Gold For An Ageless Theme: This scratch map comes with deluxe treatment and has a beautiful matte effect design. The underlay is made of matte black with the countries all hidden behind a gold foil. Don’t worry, it is not all boring. Once you scratch the top foil off with a rubber, your eyes can feast on bright vibrant colours ranging from blue to deep red.
  • Extra Fun At The Bottom: For those travel bugs who always love to find extra bits of information, this scratch map is perfect for such trivia lovers. The bottom legend section of the maps has small bits of scratchable panels with rainbow of colours underneath. These panels include facts about:
    • Ocean depths
    • Summits of the world
    • Largest & longest lakes
    • Fun size comparison panels
  • More Details: This scratch map is a cartographer dream map with not only all the topographic details underneath the foil but it also contains:
    • Boundaries for USA & Australian states and Canadian provinces
    • More lakes, more islands
    • Capital cities
  • Elegant Storage Tube For A Complete Gift: Like all the scratch maps by Luckies, this scratch map also comes with its very own sturdy gift tube with the same classy theme of matte black with golden scratch off world map lines on it. Make your aspiring globetrotters day by gifting them this scratch map.
  • Be Environment Friendly; Always Choose Luckies: Don’t be a fool and fall a victim to the imitators pretending to be the originators of the scratch maps. Each scratch map by Luckies is made in UK with the high quality materials, the best processes, and the secret ingredient; love. Buy a long lasting scratch map with Luckies only.

Summary: For the travel enthusiast who are looking for a timeless yet sophisticated scratch map, Scratch Map Deluxe is the map to go.

Author Bio: Felice Budd has her own bakery in a small town of France. She makes it a point to take annual vacations to a new place every time.