Pune- Our own little Backpack Town

Bangalore, with its world famous cup of coffee or filter kaapi, is a heart-warming city and a place with thousands of young and creative minds, but all of this might get too suffocating and you might need a little air to breathe every once in a while. Maybe a weekend getaway or an entire vacation planned. Pune is the place to crash when you are tired of all the noise and work, the deadlines and the tasks. Pune, with its close and cosy streets, you might just want to settle in there for a little holiday! And the simplest thing to find on the internet is the huge list of Bangalore to Pune Flights, because it’s not just you who wants to get away and holiday, it’s the whole lot of us.

Pune is a historic place for Maharashtrians, and anyone who is interested in the tradition of the Rajas and Maharajas. With beautiful and historic monuments, to pretty and scenic views of the mountains and temples, here are a few places you might want to visit when in Pune.

Sinhagad- Talking about the rich historic heritage of Pune, Sinhagad stands at the top of the line for anybody looking to visit a historic yet mesmerizing place where history comes alive.Sinhagad is a scenic hill fortress situated 25 kilometres Southwest from Pune. It is a famous and much loved trekking spot for the people of Pune.

Famous for the battle of Sinhagad, legend has it that Sinhagad was specifically built for battle during the time of Shivaji. The breath-taking view from the “Pune Darwaja”, the beautiful caves and carvings in the Kaundinyeshwar temple and the mountains that have held this beautiful fort makes it a must see on your list of “must-see’s in Pune”. Best time to visit would be from July to February.

Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park– also known as “Katraj Zoo” located in Katraj in Pune offers one of the most beautiful experiences to animal lovers. You may wonder if even The Zoo of Pune must be historic, then you’re absolutely right. The zoo was originally founded as Peshwe Park in 1953, which was later modernized into the Rajiv Gandhi Zoo. With the melange of animals, the zoo also has a white tiger and a male Bengal tiger named Tanaji, something that you don’t just find anywhere but in Pune. From pretty peacocks to scary crocodiles, you’ll find yourself awestruck in the midst of this beautiful man-made habitat for animals.

The zoo also has an animal orphanage and a snake park that consists of different varieties of snakes, reptiles, birds and turtles. Rainy season’s the best time to visit!

LalMahal- Lalmahal is one of Pune’s prestigious monuments and very loved. If you’re in Pune, you must familiarise yourself with the Shivaji effect. I know this term is unheard of but it is rather significant. LalMahal (Red Fort) was built by Shivaji’s father for Shivaji’s mother. It’s a family monument. It was rebuilt for the present day. It is a phenomenal piece of art and a must see for anyone visiting. It is regarded as one of the most important historical monuments. You can visit this beauty at any time of the year.

Pune doesn’t seem so bad for some history and sight-seeing, does it? It’s only an hour and a half plane ride away. It’s only a search of Bangalore to Pune flights away for that little holiday you have been planning. Get ready and go!